Author: Lindsay Elitharp

The Goldilocks Approach to Residential Retrofits

by Brendan Kavanagh Rachel and I were honored to give the Day 2 keynote at NESEA Building Energy Boston conference this past March. In our presentation, Why We Stopped Doing Deep Energy Retrofits, we shared the story of how and why Byggmeister has shifted away from super-insulating homes to lighter envelope improvements coupled with a greater… Read more »

Clear(ish) Advice About Window Replacements

by Rachel White When homeowners get in touch about improving their home’s performance, cold and drafty windows are often high on their list of complaints. And even if they love their window’s historic character, they are eager to address this weakness in their home’s thermal envelope, especially if they have already done everything you can… Read more »

Where Byggmeister Gives Back & Why

by Rachel White When Byggmeister converted to worker-ownership we committed to donate 5-10% of our annual net profit to organizations working to address climate change, create affordable housing, develop the design and construction workforce, and advance justice and equity. In May 2023, we made our first donations, giving $21,000 to 9 non-profits in the Greater… Read more »