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Byggmeister’s 2024 Charitable Giving: Supporting Mission-Aligned Organizations That Make a Difference

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter build

by Rachel White When Byggmeister transitioned to worker-ownership, we committed to donate 5-10% of our annual net profit to organizations that focus on climate change, affordable housing, workforce development in design and construction, and justice and equity. A charitable giving¬† committee selects recipients from proposals submitted by employees. In 2024, we donated a total of… Read more »

The Goldilocks Approach to Residential Retrofits

by Brendan Kavanagh Rachel and I were honored to give the Day 2 keynote at NESEA Building Energy Boston conference this past March. In our presentation,¬†Why We Stopped Doing Deep Energy Retrofits, we shared the story of how and why Byggmeister has shifted away from super-insulating homes to lighter envelope improvements coupled with a greater… Read more »