February 2021

Too many people are uncomfortable in their homes. Some are afraid to air seal and insulate for fear that their homes will no longer “be able to breathe.” We can’t tell you how many clients are relieved when we disabuse them of this myth and reassure them that they don’t need to sacrifice efficiency for comfort (not to mention that flaws in their home’s envelope aren’t a reliable source of fresh air to begin with).

We follow best practice for ensuring comfort and healthy indoor air quality. First, we remediate any existing contaminants (such as radon, asbestos, and mold). Second, we build as tight as we can for the sake of efficiency and comfort, taking care to avoid introducing new potential contaminants. Third, we implement a carefully planned ventilation strategy that effectively exhausts pollutants at their source, such as those produced by cooking, and ensures a steady supply of fresh air.

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