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When these homeowners first came to us in 2011, they had a list of major projects they wanted to complete on their Victorian home to adapt it to the needs of their growing family. The highest priority, and thus the first phase of work, was a basement renovation to provide informal hang out space. The second was a garage. Finally they turned their attention to their bedroom suite.

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At one end of the suite was a cramped and outdated bathroom. At the other end was a leaky old door leading to an underutilized and hard to maintain exterior balcony. That end of the bedroom was very difficult to keep comfortable in the winter, and it wasn’t just because of the door: inadequate insulation and air-sealing and a poorly designed heating system contributed to the problem.



The transformation...

Our favorite projects involve taking the weakest part of a house and turning it into the best part. In this case, we captured the balcony as indoor space and relocated the bathroom there.

This strategy not only gave us the opportunity to install much better insulation and good, tight windows, it created enough new floor area for a large walk-in shower, separate vanities, a toilet room, and a make-up counter.Other features of the project included improved storage throughout the 2nd floor, updates to the kids’ bathroom, and wainscot paneling in the central stairwell. We also found a prominent place for an old leaded glass window sash that the homeowners had hung onto for several years in anticipation of this project.

The flow and layout of the primary suite are now much better suited to a 21st century lifestyle. But best of all (to us, anyway), the homeowners report that the bathroom—where the old balcony had been—is now the most comfortable room in the house.