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These Newton clients approached us with two complaints. First was their musty, mouse-infested and poorly finished basement. Second was their bathroom situation. We had remodeled the primary bedroom several years prior, creating a private, en-suite bathroom. During this prior project we did not touch the other second floor bathroom, which was a bit cramped but seemed perfectly adequate for their two small children. Over time though the kids outgrew their bathroom and mostly abandoned it in favor of their parents’ bathroom.

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The first step...

Having worked with these clients before, we knew that energy performance and indoor air quality were of paramount importance.

In the basement, we removed the existing finishes, covered holes in the rubble foundation with wire mesh to block mice, and installed foam insulation along the walls. We did not insulate the slab, partly because we didn't have headroom and partly because it would have had little impact on energy use and air quality. We also installed triple-paned windows. Mechanical equipment consists of a ductless minisplit for heating and cooling, an energy recovery ventilator for balanced ventilation, and a humidistat-controlled dehumidifier.

Fast forward to today...

The space now features a TV room, and a multipurpose room with a pool table, large desk area, and workout equipment.

Designer Josy Raycroft enlarged the kids’ bathroom by capturing a small amount of space from an adjacent bedroom and removing an unused chimney between the bedroom and the bathroom. As a result, we were able to incorporate a water closet and double vanity into the bathroom While the adjacent bedroom is now a bit smaller, it is no less functional and has better storage, including a walk-in closet and built-in bookshelf.



These small layout tweaks have had a big impact on our clients' daily lives. Formerly tight quarters feel spacious and are fully utilized, not because we added on but because we reconfigured the existing space to function more effectively.