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More and Less

exterior back patio view of More and Less Speaking of that oil tank... These clients were eager to go fossil fuel free. A landscape architect and residential designer passionate about sustainability, they were determined to make their home as efficient, comfortable and low-carbon as possible. A large chimney lay at the center of these problems. Converting to heat pumps allowed us to remove... Read more »

Creating Purpose and Flow

Creating Purpose and Flow living area At this home, prior renovations resulted in a cramped kitchen and oversized three-quarter bath, while leaving the laundry in the basement. The original small dining room had become a small family room, and the dining room had been relocated to a large, open space between the kitchen and the garage. The route to the dining... Read more »

A Grand Statement

A Grand Statement view from piano The client was planning to move into the first floor unit of a row house he owned. After developing an initial design that took down a couple of walls to create a space with decent acoustics that could also accommodate informal recitals, we asked sound engineers from Acentech to review our plan. After assuring us... Read more »